Geology of the İdiş Dağı - Avanos


plotThe basement rocks of the study area constitute Mesozoic aged Asigedigi Metamorphics, that represent the uppermost unit of the Central Anatolian Metamorphics and consist of platform type meta-carbonates. İdiş Dağı Syenitoid, composed of quartz syenite, alkali feldspar quartz syenite and quartz monzonite intruded the Asigedigi Metamorphics, and generated contact metamorphic zones. Karahıdır Volcanics are found as dykes cutting the İdiş Dağı Syenitoids and as blocks in the Göynük Volcaniclastic Olistostrome. Göynük Volcaniclastic Olistostrome unconformably covers the basement rocks. It is formed within a fault-controlled extensional basin in Uppermost Cretaceous-Lower Paleocene period, and includes the olistoliths of the Karahıdır Volcanics and İdiş Dağı Syenitoids. plotThe late Lower Paleocene-Upper Paleocene Yeşilöz Formation consists of the Saytepe Conglomerate Member and the Asaftepe Member and represents the terrestrial and lacustrine depositional environment. Middle Eocene Mucur Formation characterising shallow marine (reefal) deposition transgressively overlies the basement rocks. It is suggested that in the Early Miocene, a compressional system effected the İdiş Dağı Area, and the basement rocks were thrusted over the Tertiary cover units. The neotectonic period started in Late Miocene in the study area. In this period a new tensional system became effective, Ürgüp and Asarcık Formations are deposited within the basins which are controlled by the Central Kızılırmak Fault Zone. The Quaternary aged travertine occurrences and talus deposits are also related to this fault zone. The Karataş Volcanics and Kızılırmak River terraces of Quaternary of age are mainly controlled by the Central Kızılırmak Fault Zone.

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LAT: 36°00"00' - 38°00"00' N
LONG: 38°47"00' - 34°52"00' E