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Curriculum Vitae

myself I was born in 1958 in Göttingen (Germany). The schools I absolved were the primary school and the gymnasium (high school) in Mülheim/Ruhr which I finished '77. I went to the army (stupied as I was) near Hamburg, made my 15 month, and started to study physics in Bonn in '78.

I didn't graduate because, well, things went too theoretic in physics - and in astronomy one has to be really good to get a job. I always loved mathematics for their formulas ... and if they would have had PCs in 1982 I would have caught fire and started to study informatics. Unfortunately they were still punching cards then (imagine) and you only could fix your problem a day later (today a thing of a second for the preprocessor of a compiler).

Up to 1990 I was occasionally working in winter time (when needing money) in different jobs - spending the summer travelling around in Europe. Since '84 I got in love with the turkish way of life (and finally moved down there in 2000!). In 1990 I started an education on an IBM 3090 mainframe at Bonn-Data getting a good certificate - but having chosen the wrong working base (mainframe) I started to work in PC network based companies like comma soft GmbH in 1993/94. From 1995 till 1998 I worked at Translingua Language & Technology GmbH, were I was technical revisor in localization projects. Later the company got sold to Mendez which later got been swallowed by L&H. In the meantime I got bored and spend some good time as SysOp at Ravanda.Net in Cologne. Since 2000 I'm mainly designing webpages for several places in Cappadocia (for a list of web-sites I designed have a look at the references page).

I'm married with Ayşe Karabıyık.
Since August/2000 I'm living happily in Avanos/Turkey ;-)
Our daughter Natalie was born in December 2003.

Have a look at our photo album...

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